Have a pair of vintage Technics SB 10 speakers which are over 30 years old. The leaf tweeters had blown , the individual on-body speaker controls had gone bad along with the overload circuit protectors . All these worked in tandem within the crossover . Sandeep managed to revamp the existing cross-over bypassing the complicated integrated circuitry without compromising the sound signature and put in a matching set of tweeters restoring the speakers to their original greatness . Truly an artist!
Gaurav Chaudhari,
Head of technology
BFSI industry.
I was looking for floorstanding speakers which will give heavy punchy, clear music and good vocals. Thanks to SMD audio and specially shri. Sandeepji who made customized floorstanding speakers for me matching my NAD amp.The performance of speakers is really awesome and i am really very satisfied owning such wonderful towers.Once again very many thanks to SMD Audio for designing and making of such speakers which easily match international brands .
Ajay Khoje
My journey of music and audio gear started from my childhood. My early years was spent listing to cassetts and LP’s on various sources feeding to a very faithful HMV 7474 integrated amp. Work / business kept me away from music but now at 65, my music days have started once again. Surfing the net i managed a nice Carver prologic amp with a decent 100Watt per channel on the front , a 30Wattt center, and also a30Watt on the rear. Now the hunt for a decent speakers started. Being on a budget, i could not go for high end speakers on the market. A friend of mine suggested Mr Sandeep Devasthalli of Mumbai to build speakers based on room size and the amp.There were lot of details that he asked and finally came up with a 3 way 5 driver bass reflex rated at 140watt RMS power handling. The best part is they are capable of being bi amp / bi wirable speakers giving immense flexibility to the user. The woofers are165mm with heavy neobydum magnets, 2 nos 105mm mid range and a 26mm titanium dome tweeter. The cross over’s are marked at 500HZ and 4000HZ. The cabnet is chambered between the woofers , midrange and the tweeter and the entire cabnet is non resonance MDF. There is lot of carefully located braces which gives the tall speakers enough strength to withstand heavy bass. The speakers arrived in well made custom packing and intact. Tall, clean looking with almost mirror like black exterior . The tweeter is placed between the two midrange speakers above the two woofers and mounted on a separate plate. The cabinet came with rubber mounted feet. The front cover came with a removable frame on which is mounted a special material which made no difference to the sound with or without them. Lastly the cabinet is rear ported which means you will have to adjust the distance from the wall, a limitation in small rooms. To start with, i hooked up the speakers to my Carver amp with a pair of Monster OFC cables, and double checked to see that it was in stereo mode. The bass and treble were Zero or which some say the 12’O clock position. Volume was set at zero. Source was from a flak player. I switched on the amp and the player. Increased the volume to a quarter and the music started filling the room. Turning my attention to Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’ my initial finding was it was a tad too shrill for my liking. Bass was not prominent enough. Carver is a good amp and can deliver bass even at very low volume. Increasing the volume a little more to 11’O clock only increased the volume and a wee bit of bass could be heard. I ran it for an hour. I checked the amp for heating and found it just warm enough – a good sign that the speakers were not loading the amp. For the next 15 days i played various types of music at different volumes and found that the speakers were running in fairly well. The bass was very prominent now and the treble was just right from what i would say shrill at he start. The vocals were just right and no where did i find the speakers not able to deliver. Now after 3 months of playing i can say that the speakers were a good buy and thoroughly enjoying my music.
Arun Sai
I met Sandeep as I was curious about an audio enthusiast who made speakers . I found him to be a passionate audiophile and who is very knowledgeable about speakers I bought a pair of bookshelf speakers from him and I am very satisfied with their clarity , tight bass and imaging His floor standers also are comparable to the best in india and abroad All the best Sandeep
N K V Roop Kumar,
Sandeep knows his speakers, and more than that Sandeep knows good music and how it should sound. This combination helps consumers get what they want! Add to that fantastic affordable pricing and customer is getting very good VFM (Value for money) custom speaker.
Hemant Waghe
Audio Enthusiast and Founder
'Customisation' on your mind? Think SMDAudio! Options galore, for all sorts of budget & (aural) requirements, and with also the facility to audition stuff to your heart's content (as well as get them customized & tweaked per your wants), and also get speakers shipped to your home or get them set up! SMDAudio is a unique amalgam of a commercial venture with the smooth personal texture of a very well-versed, adept and experienced enthusiast! Highly recommended for your audio-needs!
Ankur Tripathi
Shipping professional
Thanks to some sage advice from my good friend Sandeep, a lot of my doubts got cleared when we discussed drivers and their specs, build quality, towers and cross overs in depth. Such detailing of information gets you instant clarity into your specific needs and whats best suited for your personal audio preferences. Finally the towers, a 3 way 4 driver 145 RMS paired with my vintage Sansui AU D507X, with specially made cross overs helped reproduce some amazingly clear, rich, clean and full sound. It was the quality of sound I had been waiting for all these years, my wait finally coming to fruition thanks to SMD audio and Sandeep. Lest folks have doubts, to clarify, I have done the usual and extensive rounds to test Bose, JBLs, Kliptsch, and a couple of European floor standers, all heavily priced but somewhere found to be lacking in that specific tonal quality, richness, fullness in short the sound that I was specifically looking for. In Conclusion, I can safely recommend you have a go at SMD before you take any decision on your choice of speakers, you will come back highly educated on the nuances of sound with a richer experience to help you make a right choice. I did and have not regretted it one bit.
Jagdish Ramachandran

Our Valuable Clients