Products and Services


Audio Consultancy

1) Inspection of premises for understanding of required audio applications.
2) Suggesting Strategic speaker placement for optimum coverage depending on the application.
3) Designing the Cable layout for home/ Community mini theaters
4) Customizing speakers as per acoustic & aesthetics requirements.
5) Suggesting and/or providing speaker systems and electronics for a suggested audio set up.

Audio Manufacturing

We believe in giving our client the best possible options in sound to suit their taste in music requirements. there is a very thin line between providing sound & vis-a-vis right sound, we try to bridge this gap, by providing sound options that are simple and effective.



Amplifier technology has come of age and continues to win hearts of audiophiles by offering wide variety of application specific designs and immersive sound experience. At SMD audio, we well understand this and hence provide apt solutions for every different application instead of providing a common solution in order to make the installation job simpler.


Speakers play an important role when it comes to hearing what you love, loud and clear! To ensure the same, we bring to the table an array of diligently handpicked speaker brands from across the world that fit-in smoothly to your scheme of things. We also specialize in customizing speakers that pair seamlessly with your dedicated analogue stereo amplifier or your home theatre digital receivers with professional finesse. Our custom-made speakers are based on multiple platforms and design philosophies to deliver optimized sound outputs. Unlike most brands that adhere to a particular design philosophy; we seamlessly blend multiple ideologies to manufacture speakers that are truly a notch above the rest. We deal in and manufacture the following designs in speakers :


  • Floorstanding speakers
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Bipolar speakers
  • Subwoofer/satellite combos
  • Garden speakers
  • Center Channel speakers
  • Active/Passive subwoofers
  • Installation speakers
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Crossover networks
  • About

    Crossover Networks

    At SMD Audio, we have a proven track record of designing crossover networks to complement our speakers and ensure that they sound natural and life-like. We hand-wind our inductors with High Gauge Copper Wires and use only audio grade electronic components to make our crossover networks truly sound-worthy. Worried about matching drivers with different impedance or SPL levels? Just leave it to us. We can professionally design a suitable crossover network exclusively for you based on the parameters provided by your existing driver manufacturers.

    Raw Drivers

    We deal in select brands of raw loudspeaker drivers to refurbish your old system or add the desired impact to your new audio system projects.


    Active/Passive Subwoofers

    Active or passive subwoofers are a 'must have' if you are a movie buff and dream of having the same audio effect at home as you get inside a dedicated movie theatre. In a stereo music set up however it a buyer's call.