About Us


Since 2002, SMD Audio has been engaged in developing high end impactful speakers that deliver optimum sound effects. What started as a small initiative for a few audio lovers has now transformed into a full-fledged company caterings to satisfied clientele all over India as well as International level.

At SMD Audio we believe in designing speaker systems that make the music come alive. We are passionate about designing products that sound as good as they look. Going along the philosophy that 'high-end stuff doesn't necessarily have to come at a high-end price'.

Salient Features of SMD Audio

Customization of High-end speaker systems to suit room interiors.

Combining two or more features of the high end branded speakers available in the market at extremely competitive and affordable pricing offering the same sound output.

Innovation in design and development of speakers in newer style over and above the existing regular market pattern.

We can tweak out speakers' crossover networks to suit particular taste of a customer. A feature which no big brand will offer.

To Design and build high quality acoustical sound for both domestic & professional use.