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Audio Consultancy & Manufacturing

Strategic speaker placement for optimum coverage depending on the application. Designing Home/community mini theatres, audio cabling layout.

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Amplifier technologies have come out of age and continue to win hearts with their immersive sound experiences At SMD audio, we have understood this with time and technology.

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Speakers play an important role when it comes to hearing what you love, loud and clear! To ensure the same, we bring to the table an array of diligently handpicked speaker brands from across the world.

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Crossover Network

At SMD Audio, we have a proven track record of designing crossover networks to complement our speakers and ensure that they sound natural and life-like.

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Raw Drivers

We deal in select brands of raw loudspeaker drivers to refurbish your old system or add the desired impact to your new audio system projects.

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Active / Passive Sub Woofers

Active or passive are a 'must have' if you are a movie buff and dream of having the same audio effect at home as you get inside a dedicated movie theatre.

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